Hi Susan,

I wanted to reach out today to tell you how thrilled Reid and I are with all five paintings.  Three are already hung and I provided a few photos below in case you’re interested. I hope you are happy with the placement of the paintings.  I positioned them so I could see the two large ones from my kitchen.


Just a short note to let you know we are enjoying the painting and to wish your family all the best for the Holiday Season and for a much improved 2021!

Thanks again. Christine & Luigi

Dr. Sheila Laredo

Dr. Jim Wilson



We wanted you to see how your incredible picture looks now that it is in our home.

We are totally amazed at this most gorgeous piece of art! We sat in the living room this morning with our coffee and just looked at it and enjoyed it so much! It could be a picture taken on our lake and we feel that it really adds a lot to our house! We took down a Robert Bateman print from the fireplace to put your painting up and we both agree that yours is much, much, much better!!

Thank you for your generosity in donating it to the Scotty Morrison Tournament. We feel really blessed to be the lucky ones who bought it!!

Best regards, Derrell and Kim


This was the moment that Olaf and I saw your ‘work of art’. It’s beautiful! Thank you!

We are fortunate enough to have three of Susan’s pieces on the walls of our home. Two are bucolic Huron County landscapes. They are simply unmistakable. I have grown up in Huron County. I have moved away, and I have returned. It is these images that brought me back and these images that keep me here. Susan has truly captured the scale, the vast horizons, the impossibly blue skies and white clouds. Quite simply, they are iconic images that perfectly capture all I imagine and feel when I think about ‘home’. The third piece is a shoreline image of Sherborne Lake in the Algonquin Highlands. I spent my summers in cottage country and again, Susan’s rendering brings me back. I can almost smell the lichen on the warm granite, almost taste and feel the cool northern waters. The sound of wind through bent pine comes rushing back. Susan has truly found the spirit of place and committed it to canvas. We are so fortunate to have found her art, as it captures what our heart feels about these places in a way no photo or words could.

Quinn and Erin Ross, Goderich, Ontario


“This is my third piece of your work and although I did give one away as a gift, there are 2 now that grace my home in an immensely pleasing way. I can’t explain the tug on my heart and lips when I see your work on my walls: it brings a warm smile to my face and soul and brings me to a place of peace in my very core. The one picture is above my bed and the other in my living room. I have my new painting positioned so I can see it regularly and will try to send you a picture that does justice to the way the light shines on the water and flowers, bringing the whole thing to life. Your art is truly a way for you to connect with others in ways that transcends words or time and I am so envious of your amazing talent!

I was truly deeply moved and humbled by this incredible gift, which is what your art brings to people Susan. It really is like giving me a “piece of you” to appreciate and cherish for the rest of my life and I am so grateful!!”


Hi Susan!

I just wanted to let you know that Brian is over the moon about his very special birthday gift. He truly loves it! He said he has never received a more thoughtful, special gift! We admire it every time we are in that room, and enjoy the different shades that come to the forefront with the changing daylight. I am just so thrilled!

So, we’ve both been looking over your website, and pondering our next purchase! I would stake my life on the fact that it will be one of your Haliburton barns!!

Again, thank you so much, Susan. You have a very real talent. We both admire the painting for many reasons, and particularly love the textured canvas–it adds a whole other dimension to your art. It seems that we’ve found an artist who sees exquisite beauty in the very same, simple things that we love. That, in itself, is very special. You’ve made two people very happy because of your abilities. What a gift!


Dear Susan,

I wanted to to thank-you again, now that we are back home in Boston, for all five of the breathtakingly beautiful paintings we purchased from you when we were up in Canadian cottage country a couple of weeks ago. We loved your work so much we could easily have bought so many more. I was so excited to see how they were going to look up in our home that, even after arriving at midnight after a 10 hour drive back, the first thing we did was unpack them and put them up so we could admire them once again – they are spectacular. We are so pleased to have them here. I am captivated by the way they transport me and make it seem like I am actually there, and can feel the breeze, and smell the water and freshness in the air, and hear the waves lapping. I share your deep love of these very Canadian landscapes, and the rocks, water, trees, and sky, and your work expresses it so very beautifully, more than my words could ever begin to say. Thank-you so much for your talent and gift because it enriches our lives too. There are times every day when, as I walk into a room, one of your paintings stops me in my tracks for a moment, makes me take a deep breath, and makes me smile. They will be treasured friends for many, many years, and we feel very lucky to have them and to have met you. We can hardly wait for more of your special way of seeing things as you continue to develop your work in the future.

Thank-you again for these very special and luminous paintings,

Darleen Douglas-Steele

Hello, Susan.

I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for your beautiful painting, called “Stately old Barn in Autumn”. My mom purchased it from the Heritage House Café, in Haliburton, last month, and has given it to me as a very special gift. I absolutely love it – there’s something almost magnetic about it! When I see it every time I pass it in my home, I have this feeling like I’ve been there before, exploring the barn for treasures. Do you remember where the barn is? I feel like I’ve been there before.

Thank you again for your wonderful art

Katherine Corbett
Oak Ridges, Ontario